Newborn Health

A clinic staff measures weight of Shumita Biswas Ardi (25 days) at MCWC, Kusthia Bangladesh is one of the 25 countries that attained the Millennium Development Goal 4 to reduce child mortality. However, newborn deaths (death during the first 28 days after birth) still account for 61% of all deaths of children under-five, and progress is slower than expected. This results from a lack of access to facility-led delivery services, and the absence of effective implementation of Maternal and Newborn Care (MNC) interventions for preventable causes. To address this emergency, MaMoni MNCSP works hand-in-hand with the Government of Bangladesh to strengthen the care system. The 4th Health, Nutrition and Population Sector Programme (HNPSP 2017-2022) of the government prioritizes rapid and effective scale up of neonatal interventions through rolling out the National Newborn Health Programme (NNHP). The project implements this program guideline with the aim to provide access to quality facility services from the community level, which includes counseling for mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth, Essential Newborn Care (ENC), and facility care management for preterm births and sick newborns.

MaMoni MNCSP, through its newborn health interventions, works to substantially reduce the neonatal mortality rate by ensuring safe delivery and providing quality ENC services along with antenatal care (ANC) and postnatal care (PNC) services, with a focus on diminishing the complications that threaten newborn survival. Following the national guidelines, the project supports the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH&FW) to strengthen the Union Health and Family Welfare Clinics (UH&FWCs) to provide 24/7 delivery care and MNC services, so that facility readiness is ensured from the community level. The facilities are prepared for all necessary services for common preventable complications. Moreover, interventions such as the Special Care Newborn Unit (SCANU), Neonatal Stabilization Unit (NSU) and Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) are introduced by the team from primary levels of healthcare facilities to provide stability in case of neonatal health complications.