Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

FWV Shahera Begum using a tab (eMIS) during field meeting at Ramnagar Union, Nagarkanda, Faridpur Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) unit of MaMoni MNCSP focuses on designing, implementing and evaluating project monitoring, evaluation and learning strategies and plans to keep the project management abreast of project progress towards its deliverables and goals. To monitor and evaluate the project performance, MaMoni uses data from household surveys, health facility surveys, quality of care surveys, government health management information system and project reports. MaMoni MNCSP provides support to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to strengthen country Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) at all levels. MaMoni is supporting the ministry on a number of digital health information system such as electronic health record system (eMIS) at peripheral health facilities, hospital automation in upazila and district hospitals (OpenMRS), DHIS2, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Assets Management System. MaMoni also employs information and communication technology (ICT) based innovation to facilitate effective information and program delivery system. MaMoni builds on learning from and adapting on implementation to identify best practices, strategies and interventions which can be expanded and taken at scale. To achieve these MaMoni plans and implements learning studies that ranges from program documentation, formative study, implementation research to statistically rigorous designed studies.

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