USAID’s MaMoni MNCSP Holds a Workplan Sharing and Consultation Meeting with DGFP

Photo: Save the Children
The Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) organized a workplan sharing and consultation meeting, with the support of USAID’s Maternal and Newborn Care Strengthening Project. The objective of the meeting was to share the project’s workplan with DGFP and discuss challenges, recommendations and future actions.

The chief guest of the meeting was Dr. Kazi Mustafa Sarwar, Additional Secretary and Director General, DGFP; whilst the meeting was chaired by Dr. Mohammad Sharif, Director, MCH Services and LD, MCRAH.

Joby George, Chief of Party, USAID’s MaMoni Maternal and Newborn Care Strengthening Project presented the workplan for the first year, after which there was a question and answer session.

Special guests included: Mohammad Abdus Salam Khan, Deputy Chief Planning Branch, Medical Education and Family Welfare Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Dr. Md. Moinuddin Ahmed, LD-CCSDP; and Dr. Pushpita Samina, Clinical Services Team Lead, USAID Bangladesh.