Maya Rani - Scoring Century Per Month

Maya Rani at Kakailseo UHFWC
Save the Children
A health worker like Maya Rani, who is available 24 hours a day to attend a mother in labor pain, is a hero. She has not only set a benchmark for other service providers, she ensures safe motherhood every day in different remote corners of Bangladesh where accessing universal health coverage still remains a challenge. “The moment I touch a mother in labor pain, they feel relaxed. It’s like normal delivery becomes easy and painless for them. Hearing things like this, I feel proud and honored,” she says.

USAID’s MaMoni intervention of 24/7 delivery service was launched in Kakailseo, Habiganj in 2011. Since Maya joined in 2018, the rate of normal delivery has gone up to 30-40 child birth per month. Mothers from neighboring areas are also pouring in to avail her services.

USAID is celebrating World Health Worker Week from April 1-7 by paying tribute to the economic opportunities that the health sector can offer to female health workers and to the role health workers play in making health systems resilient.