MaMoni Stories during COVID: Minara Begum (SSN)

Minara Begum at Manikganj District Hospital
Photo: Abir Abdullah/Save the Children
"I have been in this profession for the last 22 years. I perform 3-4 normal deliveries each day. We always had daily struggles, but now the situation is more intense with the spread of COVID-19. Sometimes we don't have the proper equipment or supplies and we are also at risk of infection. But to us, the lives of our patients are greater. We are living one day at a time and making do with the best of our abilities. I am hopeful that we will overcome this situation, as long as it takes."
- Minara Begum, Senior Staff Nurse and certified midwife, Manikganj District Hospital

~ USAID’s MaMoni Maternal and Newborn Care Strengthening Project supports the government in achieving its goal of reducing maternal and newborn death rate in ten districts of Bangladesh, where ensuring a safe journey of motherhood, availability of quality services and resources are of high concern. Some of the project’s various interventions in its project areas include improving facility readiness and development of skills of health workers through training and counselling.

Disclaimer: The COVID-19 response stories reflect the continuity of essential maternal and newborn care related services amidst the pandemic in the project areas. No additional USAID funding has been mobilized for COVID-19 response. MaMoni MNCSP team mobilized local government and community people for additional resources as well as provided the service providers with necessary instructions and government guidelines to prepare their facilities to serve properly under the circumstances.